SmartenUp started!

Digitalization is the current trend in the development of new products. Companies need to make their products “smarter” to secure their competitiveness. From now on, companies will be supported by the Campus Minden, Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences to “SmartenUp” their products. Discussion forums and ..

MLCamp: Machine Learning at the Campus Minden

Since the beginning of December, the project Machine Learning Campus Minden (MLCamp) has started. Two employees are now working on the development and implementation of a learning concept for the field of machine learning as part of the master course in computer science. In addition to the currently existing academic training in th..

Reminder: Modeling Craftsmanship Camp at the Campus Minden

We would like to remind you that the second “Modeling Craftsmanship Camp” will take place at the Campus Minden this Saturday, 18th November. The topic of the camp focuses on system modeling, especially model-supported and model-based systems engineering. Unlike other conferences, the camp is organized as a BarCamp with ..

Systems Engineering Trends

Matthias König just gave an interview about modeling and IoT to the blog Systems Engineering Trends ( He talked about modeling of IoT systems and the education of students at the Campus Minden in the computer science moduls. These topics are also addressed in the Modeling Craftsmanship Camp, that is co-hosted by Mat..