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Digitalization is the current trend in the development of new products. Companies need to make their products “smarter” to secure their competitiveness. From now on, companies will be supported by the Campus Minden, Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences to “SmartenUp”…
  • Starts From January 1, 2018


The project focuses on the development and implementation of a learning concept for the field of machine learning as part of the master course in computer science. In addition to the currently existing academic training in the fields of artificial…
  • Starts From November 1, 2017

InfinteG-Data Fusion in a Smart Home

This project focuses on reading sensor data and controlling actuators of the new building at the Campus Minden of the FH Bielefeld. An architecture of communication between different sensors and actuators will be developed. Based on the acquired data, a…
  • Starts From January 1, 2017

InfinteG-Dynamic Evacuation Route System

The Research Institute for Intelligent Buildings deals with current and future research questions on life and work in the intelligent building. The focus is on the aspects of well-being, sensor technology, energy efficiency, data security and fire safety. In this…
  • Starts From November 1, 2016


The transfer project Personenzähler mit Leddar-Technologie (PerLe) is embedded into the research field Intelligente Vernetzung of the excellence cluster it‘s OWL (Intelligente Technische Systeme OstWestfalenLippe). The project is carried out in cooperation with the Volavis GmbH placed in Leopoldshöhe and…
  • Starts From September 1, 2016


The project deals with the development of an objective measuring device for maturity of fruits. Near-infrared spectroscopy is used as a non-destructive method to determine the maturity by analyzing absorption spectra. A measuring device consisting of low-cost components was created…
  • Starts From September 1, 2015