InfinteG-Dynamic Evacuation Route System

InfinteG-Dynamic Evacuation Route System
Starts from:Mon, October 31, 2016
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Class Description

The Research Institute for Intelligent Buildings deals with current and future research questions on life and work in the intelligent building. The focus is on the aspects of well-being, sensor technology, energy efficiency, data security and fire safety. In this project, the core theme is the calculation of dynamic evacuation routes which consider the aspects of security and fire safety in intelligent buildings. The goal is to increase safety in buildings. For this purpose, various algorithms will be investigated that determine the shortest and safest route out of the building. This route may be indicated by colour LED stripes in the ground or by LED signs on the ceiling. Furthermore, the shortest route to the source of the fire will be calculated and made available to the rescue forces, e.g. by making use of handheld devices. A main aspect of our research is the development of a system that combines fault tolerance and reasonable pricing to allow for usage in buildings of varying sizes.

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