Mobile App for Personal Care

Mobile App for Personal Care
Starts from:Sat, August 31, 2013
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  • Fall Detection
  • Health Care Software
Class Description

The goal of the project is a first step towards an intelligent personal care software in everyday life. It will support care staff in tasks like monitoring and control of clients while simultaneously preserving personal freedom. A main goal is to inform care staff immediately in case of a client’s fall to avoid long times lying on the ground. Therefore, clients are equipped with prototypical inertial measurement units called “SensorTag”. It communicates via a smart phone with the tablet of the caregiver and gives him the possiblity to monitor the behavior of the client. Besides, the system is able to detect clients leaving a certain area and to inform the care staff.

The system consists of an easy-to-use and low-cost hardware-software combination. Its archictecture is mainly based on three components that realize the interface between both user groups, the care staff and the clients. The system should increase the life quality and safety of the clients.

The project was realized by Aljoscha Pörtner and Alexander Weinitschke.