Starts from:Wed, August 31, 2016
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  • People Counting
  • Leddar-Technology
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The transfer project Personenzähler mit Leddar-Technologie (PerLe) is embedded into the research field Intelligente Vernetzung of the excellence cluster it‘s OWL (Intelligente Technische Systeme OstWestfalenLippe). The project is carried out in cooperation with the Volavis GmbH placed in Leopoldshöhe and aims to improve an existent camera-based people counter. New Leddar sensors will replace the camera approach to improve the detection rate and to deal with privacy concerns. The new sensors are similar to radars as they transmit and receive light signals and measure the distance by calculating the time of flight. Scientific research questions comprise the fields of sensor data processing, sensor fusion as well as self-organization and the connection of the system.

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Source: it’s OWL Clustermanagement GmbH : “it’s OWL Logo (deutsch)”,, 02.09.2016