IROS 2019 Papers Accepted


Two of our papers have been recently accepted for publication at this year’s IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) to be held from 4.- 8. November.

Robin Rasch, Sven Wachsmuth and Matthias König authored the paper “An Evaluation of Robot-to-Human Handover Configurations for Commercial Robots”, which deals with an analysis of handover configurations. This knowledge can be used to realize human-like handovers of objects, which is a fundamental task in human-robot interaction.

The second paper “Learning Virtual Borders through Semantic Scene Understanding and Augmented Reality ” is written by Dennis Sprute, Philipp Viertel, Klaus Tönnies and Matthias König. It deals with the automatic learning of robot avoidance areas, such as carpet areas or kids’ corners, with the support of a smart home environment. For this purpose, we developed a learning and support system, that learns from user interactions through semantic scene understanding and frequent itemset mining and supports the user through recommendations for interactions using augmented reality.