Next round for Project DOMINO


The concept sketch of the DOMINO (Decentralized platform for capability-based cooperation of heterogeneous devices in intelligent living environments) project has convinced the evaluators and is thus in the second round of the competition “Digital Platforms: Interactive assistance systems for people”, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). In the second round, the consortium partners and the project outline are to be specified before the overall concept is presented and evaluated by the reviewers in March 2019. Should the draft also convince the reviewers in the second round, the project will move into the third and thus final phase of implementation from April 2019.


The current situation in the field digitization of private living environments and functional buildings is determined by proprietary isolated solutions from various manufacturers and often offers users little functional added value compared to analog solutions. The aim of the project is to develop a software solution that can be installed on devices. On the one hand, this should enable the interaction of the devices and, on the other hand, simplify their usability by allowing users to assign intuitive tasks to the devices, which they then solve independently and cooperatively. The result of this project is an open source “operating system” for intelligent environments, which is designed as a decentralized, agent-based platform and is based on methods of machine learning.